KAJABI + STRIPE - How do I send out Subscription Reminder Emails?

quick tip

If you run Subscription memberships or use Payment Plans for your Courses/Memberships in Kajabi, then chances are you'll be needing to make sure you've set up Stripe properly.

Wait.... you've just realized I didn't include Paypal in the above... and you would be correct.

I personally don't use Paypal for subscription plans run through Kajabi. 

Why --- mainly because of failed payments and how they are handled.
Paypal unfortunately are notorious for having problems with subscription payments and much harder to control on the Kajabi side of it.

  • Paypal doesn't have default and configurable re-try logic like Stripe does.
  • Kajabi doesn't cancel the recurring subscription which in turn triggers the revoke on the Kajabi offer.
In a nutshell - you have a lot more manual work to do... it won't cancel (remove access) in Kajabi if the PayPal payment failures limit has reached it's max number of retries.. 😢

So back to Stripe.

In order to use it properly you need to make sure you have your settings in place around email notifications. 
Watch the video for more tips around this.
Have a great day in your part of the world, and happy Kajabi-ing. 🙌 

Let me know your thoughts on the above, feel free to leave a comment below.