My Favorite Tools


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Want to know how I run my online business so lean?

It's because I use some really cool tools and resources that automate my processes and do a lot of the heavy lifting for me. Which means... I don't have to put on staff to handle these areas of my business.

Seriously Good 

Time Savers

I think most that know me would agree I'm all about making life simple... especially in my business. If there's a way to automate a process, you can be sure I'm going to find a way to do it.

Many entrepreneurs will tell you NOT to look at these plugins, tools and resources as expensive.. but rather as $$ and time savers. And that's exactly how I see them.

They are my staff. But they don't take holidays, or sick leave.. and there's no payroll tax!!!

They allow me to run every part of my business smoothly and I'm constantly thinking up new ways they can support my growth.

Which means, I get to spend more time walking the beach looking for driftwood!  Check them out below... ♡

Penny In Your Pocket Kajabi Designer



that I use every day...


Bobby Klinck Legal Templates for Kajabi
Legal Templates
Bobby Klinck

-> We all need these in the online space, and Bobby is the goto. He has templates for all online businesses and to suit varied use cases.

Trello organisation tool to help with course creation
Organisation Software

-> is by far my favorite piece of software that helps me organize everything. From client onboarding to coding changes in templates to links to inspirational sites.

Canva graphic design program for templates and workbooks for your courses
Graphic Design

-> this awesome graphic design software program is so easy to use. And it comes jam-packed with ready-made designs to get you started.

Loom screen recording software is perfect for explaining things to your course students
Screen Recording

-> I send videos to customers and kajabi friends all day everyday. Seriously this one tool changed my life. No need to explain something with words alone, now you can show & tell at the same time!

Smart Mockups is a great tool for creating course mockups
Mock Ups
Smart Mockups

-> Another best friend in my toolkit. And this should be in every course creators bag of tricks... perfect for creating mockups of online courses, PDF's, workbooks and lots more...

Thrivecart checkout software is a perfect partner with Kajabi
Cart Software

-> Yes, I use Kajabi's Checkout pages as well, but Thrivecart is great for when you're selling multiple items on one page, and their program for your affiliates is the bomb! Helps me automate everything!


✨ Disclaimer.... there are a couple of links that are affiliate links, just so you know.  Note: I won't share anything that I don't love and use myself.