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  • Are you a VA (Virtual Assistant)
  • Nope. Not my genius zone.


    I work on a project or job base, not in hours or little odd tasks.

    If you want someone to hop into your Kajabi site to add a blog, or fine-tune an email, or check an email sequence is setup properly... or change a price in an offer then you're after more of a virtual assistant.  Someone who loves doing odd jobs and tasks and who almost becomes a member of your team.  He/She will most likely charge by the hour, either one-offs or in hour blocks.


    However if you want a project handled from start to finish with nothing left for you to do other than sit back and look at it... then I'm your gal.


    When you hand over a project to me, it comes back to you completed, along with some instructions on how to make any minor changes yourself.


    If you need changes to a page, course etc after we've completed it, then we do have a minimum charge for this.  Please email me with any questions around this one.

  • Can you create a membership site in Kajabi?
  • Yes. It's all about the theme or template choice - there are a couple of favorites that we use for memberships in Kajabi.

    Together we'll produce a beautiful, and functional membership site that your members will love being a part of - and find easy to navigate. I'll collaborate with you to tweak and improve your membership site. I'm a strong believer of having your customers' journey a main focus.

  • Why Is There A Waitlist?
  • Because there's only one of me!

    When I take on a project you get my full attention - this can't happen if I have several jobs booked in at once.  So it works in everyone's best interest if I limit the number of projects I take on at any given time.

  • How Long Is Your Waitlist?
  • Well it varies. But I can tell you this, it's rarely less than 4 weeks. Sometimes projects can go longer than expected and this timeframe will be pushed out, but I'll stay in touch with updated timeframes.

  • What's it like to work with you?
  • It's awesome! We have fun.


    I'm an Aussie through and through. I don't do formal, I can't stand being bored and I get grumpy when it's winter.


    I work with people from all over the globe, from various backgrounds and cultures... and I love this.  I learn so much and get to be inspired by some truly amazing go-getters!


    I've embraced the laptop lifestyle/work from home or anywhere in the world life so I don't work regular hours.  That also means I don't do phone calls.

    But I'm more than happy to have scheduled Zoom meetings.


    I have limited time for chats so I won't be hanging out on a slack channel with you... but I do respond to emails and FB messages.


    PS Emoji's and Gif's flow freely - sometimes an image is all you need.

  • How Can I Work With You?
  • Simples.

    Fill in my application form and I'll be in touch.


    If we're a match, you can expect to hear from me within a few days with prices and also next steps.

    Next steps usually involve getting a temporary date on the job board and booking in a zoom meeting so we can work out any remaining details.

  • Do you only charge in USD?
  • Yep.

    95% of my clientele are US based so it only makes sense to do this.


    And the other reason.... I like to keep things simple. Having multiple currencies on a site means messy systems and accounts - no thanks!!!  Unless you have an absolute need to do this in your own business... I'd steer clear of it.


    For my fellow Aussies... you read that correctly. I won't be swapping back to AUD so please don't ask me to.  If you only want to pay someone in AUD then there are other Kajabi Service Providers I know of that may be able to help you. Feel free to ask me for their details.

  • How Do I Know If I'm A Match or Your Ideal Client?
  • Well for starters... just the fact you're on this page reading my FAQ's means you're already getting a big gold star!  I do like people that read stuff!


    But... Yes...I do have a preferred type of client.  In the spirit of being completely transparent (because that's what I am)... I have to say I might not take you on if you're a Corporate! 


    Corporate type industries and large companies tend to have more structure and boundaries around them... and this overflows into design aspects.  This I find can curb creativeness and truthfully it doesn't bring out my best work.


    Being a perfectionist... this doesn't sit well with me as I only want to produce Portfolio worthy work that you're over the moon with.  One of my job's is to match your style and personality with the design and outcome of your site, page or course.  Many corporate sites need to be shown in a less creative manner... and hence, we're not a great match.


    That being said.... I do have some great website designers that are more than happy to work with Corporates or less creative businesses... so please feel free to ask for their details.


  • How Much Will it Cost Me?
  • I wonder if this is the most clicked on question on people's sites...??? LOL...

    HMMM....I think the question better asked here is how much will it cost you NOT working with me!

    You wouldn't be the first person to land on my web-doorstep and utter the words "the last Kajabi person I used fell off the radar and is nowhere to be found!".

    Rest assured I won't be jumping on the nearest paddle-board, floating off into the sunset and leaving you in the lurch!

    I love what I do, and I love helping others create their dream businesses using Kajabi πŸ’–.  In short - this Aussie ain't going nowhere.... 


    Here you go:
    ❖ Websites start from $3500USD
    ❖ Course builds start from $2500USD
    ❖ Custom Membership Products start from $1500USD

    All other prices you'll find in my Shop (and if they're not there yet.... they're coming!!!)


I sure do...

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This is the Resource Guide you wish you had from the beginning of your Kajabi Journey....and if you haven't started that journey yet, then jump on this now!

You get all my top tips, as well as proper how-to videos and explanations on why we do it that way!


Want to learn how to design your own gorgeous Sales Landing Page or Kajabi Website?  Using all the tricks and tips and coding hacks I've learnt along the way.... Want to learn how to model off your favorite Guru's page and make it work in Kajabi...?

If you answered yes, then you're going to love KDA stay tuned for launch dates!!! Or get on the waitlist HERE


Did you know there's more than one way to build a membership site on Kajabi?  

This course will teach you all you need to know on how to get the best out of the program -- and step by step how to create the membership site that's just right for you and your members.

PLUS -- It comes with 2 custom template/themes for you to use for your own membership site!!!


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