The below outlines what you are permitted and not permitted to do with any template or theme. If you have any further questions, please email [email protected]

You may use the themes and/or templates for personal and/or commercial purposes.

You may sell courses and / or Kajabi products so long as you do not distribute any template files.

Content & products you create using the templates and/or themes may only be used on your own Kajabi site. And you can use them on your own site as many times as you need.

Use of stock photos and design elements within the templates and/or themes are subject to the license terms of the provider (which will be noted in the template/theme). 

You may only import the templates and/or themes to ONE Kajabi account.

You may help your clients with installation and/or setup of the templates and/or themes so long as your client has purchased the template/theme from this site.

You may not share or import the original  templates/themes into your clients' accounts. If your client requires you to edit the templates/themes inside your client's account, your client will need to purchase that template/theme from Penny In Your Pocket.

Your VA or team members may use the templates/themes, so long as they use (or are a member of) your own Kajabi account. i.e. Your VA may not import the templates into their own Kajabi account. They must use the templates inside your Kajabi account.

If your VA wishes to import and use the templates in their own Kajabi account, they must purchase the template/theme separately.

You may not share your portal login information to a third party (with the exception of team members)

You may not share template/theme links with a third party.

You may not sell or give away templates/themes to a third party, even if they have been altered, edited or customized with your branding.

Re-selling the templates/themes as templates/themes is not permitted under any circumstances, even if you edit or alter them.

If you violate these terms of use, your account will be terminated and criminal penalties may be applicable as a result of copyright infringement.



Due to the digital / instant use nature of these product no refunds are offered.
Especially if you change your mind, or make a decision down the track to stop using Kajabi. However if you have any issue at all with the product or the service, please email me and we can discuss.

If the template / theme is found to be faulty or there are issues with it that cannot be resolved, then a refund can be offered within 30 days from purchase.