the founder and creative behind Penny In Your Pocket, and I'm really glad you're here.  I'm a Self-Confessed 'Hippy', Tech-Head with a love of order... in a world of crazy!  I live in Australia, on the east coast.... and these are a few of my favorite things:

My story really begins with this comment:

 I wish I had one of you in my office...

And no - I don't mean the latest Coffee Pod Machine... although there really should be coffee on hand at all times!

What I'm talking about is finding good highly skilled and multi-faceted 'behind the scenes' people that just get stuff done for you with a minimum of fuss!


Over the last 30 odd years I've developed a pretty unique skillset dealing with all things admin, business logic, computers, and more specifically, software programs and building courses.  I'm a complete efficiency ninja (wasting time is just not tolerated very well in my world....), and hence I love to automate processes.

That's where Penny In Your Pocket comes into it's own.

But what exactly does this mean for you?

how can I help?


If you're a creative entrepreneur who wants to build online courses from your own unique set of skills and knowledge, and your content is on lockdown... I have your back.  You may lack the tech know-how and/or time to bring it to your audience efficiently and with style. But... through step by step training, templates, resources and me in your corner... you'll be able to:

โœ”๏ธ  Get your sales/landing page created or your course looking beautiful.

โœ”๏ธ  Create a website in a week, not a month.

โœ”๏ธ  Navigate Kajabi and implement the systems & add-ons that keep your 'knowledge commerce' business running smoothly.

โœ”๏ธ  Build, beautify, automate and streamline all the moving parts. The things that mean happy customers and raving fans for you. 

How did I get here?

 There are 2 defining moments in my childhood that put me on the path I'm on today....


The Encyclopaedia of Why


From an early age I had one of those incredibly inquisitive minds - you know, the one that drives your parents insane because you just HAVE to know everything about everything!  Stuff like, why is a butterfly called a butterfly - it looks nothing like butter? And, why can't I curl my tongue like my sister without my face looking like I'm having a convulsion?  And, why does our pet rabbit like to lie on it's stomach so much with it's legs flat out at the back? 

Can you possibly imagine a world of those questions BEFORE GOOGLE? I never let up - I was insatiable for knowledge on the why and how - just telling me the answer wasn't enough, I needed proof!

So....on my 8th birthday, I was given an encyclopaedia called "WHY".  It was my favourite all time present....you could ask me anything and I'd go to my dinosaur google and look up the answer. 

To this day, asking Why is still my favourite question.....


A Texas Instruments computer


Imagine it's 1980 (this might be a stretch for some of you....), and I'm 10 years old.... my Dad has just brought home an ugly looking grey box like thing and said "This is a computer - you can play games on it, but you'll have to make the games first".  What? I thought computers were just boring things that people like my Dad used at work..... Wait? How do I make a game? 

I turned it on, there was nothing inside it.... no Apps, no Games, no pretty backgrounds or screensavers - Zippo, Nada, Nothing.  Just empty black space with a blinking cursor bar staring back at me! .....And so it began....for the next week my brother and I learnt very basic DOS programming from a beaten up book (KEEP IN MIND: there was no DOS for Dummies in those days, and there was no Internet let alone YOU TUBE 'How To' Videos!).... but low and behold we made our first game! It was a cross between Space Invaders and Tennis (don't judge - I was 10 remember!)

And so it began, my love affair with computers and making STUFF happen.

Go this way...

It's funny how life just keeps pushing you down a path

whether you want to take it or not.

And even if you go "WHOOOAHHH", I'm not going down that path today - I'm surprised how many times the opposite path I took always brought me back to the original path in some way....

You see it didn't matter which industry I worked in (& there's been some different ones), I always ended up being 'that' computer girl.


You know the one that knows how to pull the paper out of a paper jam in the photocopier, the one that keeps a screwdriver in her desk drawer incase you have to pull some device apart to work out why it's died, the one that colleagues asked to come and help them find their Microdog Word Document that's suddenly disappeared ("but I swear I hit the Save button").

Thank goodness for Google Docs, and Auto-Saving in today's world!

But why would you do it like that?

I was also the one that used to sit there and wonder why procedures were done that way?

Why weren't they done a more efficient way - a way that saved everyone time and ultimately the business money?  I was usually given free reign to implement these ideas... but the funny thing was - I'd end up making my position REDUNDANT, and I did this not just once - but FOUR times!!!!  It wasn't because I wasn't good at what I did - it was that I was too good at automating.  

Once I'd put procedures in place using whatever technology was available  - my bosses literally had no where to put me.  It was crazy.  I was making myself unemployable LOL!!!

Hey.... I thought by creating systems and making my life easier, I was making everyone else's lives easier as well - and that was a good thing RIGHT? 

Hmmm, how to go from a well paid job to being REDUNDANT in no time at all......

So I guess it was only natural that I ended up creating my own online businesses - at least I couldn't make myself redundant.... or if I did I was going to benefit out of it! 

Google soon became my bestie...

๐Ÿ”Ž ...My nickname had become P.I.P. (i.e, private investigator penny - I can find out pretty much anything on google), and the CLOUD had well and truly arrived, hooray!!!

What can I say - I'm a tech head nerd who loves wearing Lululemon and thoroughly enjoys a good red. I'd do anything for my family + friends who are all absolutely CRAZY, but adorable; my kids think it's hysterical that I know more APPS than them, and it's FINALLY OK to ask my million and one daily questions...

....because GOOGLE doesn't roll it's eyes at me.

Oh... and of course now that Kajabi is part of my world,

I get to combine my love for code, automations and design all in one! 


fun facts about me

I love...


→ Watching Game of Thrones (I'm shattered that it's ended!!!).

→ Nature and learning about herbal remedies (plants are truly a gift!)

→ Emoji's and Gif's (although apparently it's not cool to admit this)

Free time


In my free time, you can find me at the dog park with my rescue dog Jamayha (checking out the passing whales and dolphins) and taking strolls along my favourite local beach.

Or you can find me on our daybed reading up on hidden histories, buried science, and the psychology of marketing!

Closet hippy


I make activated nut butter and eco friendly laundry powder in my Thermomix. I've also banned all chemicals from our house and yard ๐Ÿ‘Ž (told you I was a closet hippy).

And the latest... we're now learning how to grow our own veggies!