Are you new to the ONLINE World?

Do you wish for SUPER SIMPLE to follow instructions and TUTORIALS for KAJABI? 





Well - you're in luck!

Not only am I going to teach you some really cool tricks but I'm going to hold your hand and explain this awesome program in a language that you CAN understand.

It's time to put your "I can do this" Hat on, grab a coffee and fire this baby up..."

Now before Negative Nancy enters the room to tell you that there's already great tutorials inside Kajabi, along with a 28 Day Challenge..and even a Kajabi University.... I want to ask you a question.

Have you done any of those?

(If you haven't... then you really should!)

Are you any closer to figuring things out?

Ok, so whilst Kajabi has provided a ton of fantastic information for you to wade through and ask questions on, the problem is that it's written for those that have been around Internet Marketers or in the online world for awhile....

It's not written for those venturing anew into this field - in other words they use a whole different language to what you've been used to. 
There are words that might mean something in your world but actually mean something totally different in the world of Online Courses and Marketing.
Oooh here's one for you.  PIPELINE.  Well I know what this is - I mean we wouldn't have gas, and oil and water without them! Right?  BUT a PIPELINE in Kajabi's world means something entirely different....😵


Here are some tips for SUCCESS....

Help Is Everywhere

Probably THE most fantastic thing about 
Kajabi is the level of help you receive from EVERYBODY.

From the Members Facebook Group, 
to the Live Chat Team, and to all the other amazing Kajabi users out there that 
are super generous in offering their support. 

Help is everywhere - you just have to put 
up your hand and ask for it!

Put On Your Nikes

When you do exercise do you dress for the occasion? Do your runners make you
run that little bit faster? Well guess what... when you're learning something new,
Tutorials aren't supposed to be done
whilst you're watching Netflix.
You need to be in your NIKE zone.
Give yourself a fair chance, and the
tutorial - stick it through to the end.

Map It Out

When you go travelling... do you wander
the streets aimlessly? Or... do you have 
your trusty google maps, or maybe
an old school fold out map?

When you're building online courses
or any part of your online business
- make yourself a map.  Work out the 
direction you're going in and 
map out all the 'streets' you'll need
to go down to get there!

Mini Tutorials and Courses - More Coming Soon!

Any current Tutorials or Mini Courses that are available, you'll find here! If you'd like to be kept in the loop as new tutorials and freebies become available - please pop your details in the "Stay In Touch" area below.

Automated Certificate and FeedBack Tutorial

$35.00 USD

This easy STEP BY STEP MINI COURSE helps you automate yet another part of your online 'Knowledge Commerce' business.&...

Learn More

How To Get Your Kajabi Sales Into Xero Automatically

$29.00 USD

Imagine how much time you could save if you could automate part of your sales and accounting process.... That's exac...

Learn More

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