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Kajabi Permissions Page Template - Lockable Page Template


Have you been waiting for a landing page that you can LOCK?
Yay, it's here!!! How about having the ability to create a 'product' without using a product... ie put lessons on a page!!!  Or a paid webinar, or a registration page specific to certain members... You got it. Plus... I've created 2 x designer templates to get you started. 


# Example 1

  • Create a page to house a PAID PDF file, or some Video Tutorials, or a Text Lesson.
  • Set the permissions to allow only a specific group of people to SEE the page... ie Those who have an Offer, those who own a Product, or even a group of people identifiable by email addresses
  • Determine what should show on the page depending on the permission.
  • If you're not already logged in to Kajabi, then show a popup login page (note - no need to see the library, this is bypassed).
  • Once logged in show one section that indicates someone doesn't have access -- but they can gain access by going to a sales page...
  • OR show the full page with PDF/Lesson etc
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Kajabi Permissions Page Template - Lockable Page Template
Kajabi Permissions Page Template - Lockable Page Template

# Example 2

  • Create a page to house a a registration form - people could be sent here.
  • Set the permissions to allow everyone to see the page initially... but once someone fills in the form, and they leave the page... if they come back to it, the page shows something different.. ie the next step, or a completion message etc.  This way the form can only be filled in once... it's locked down.
  • The permissions are set to show or hide based on an Offer granted.
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# Example 3

  • Create a sales page for a course, a membership... any product you like.
  • Set the permissions to allow only a specific group of people to SEE special pricing on the page... ie For those who are VIP members who own specific products etc
  • Create 2 sections for your pricing, one for the public, and one for members.
  • If your customers have an account with you and they're not already logged in, then suggest they login to see the special prices
  • Once logged in members will see your special VIP pricing section only
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Kajabi Permissions Page Template - Lockable Page Template

# Other Suggested Use Cases For The Permission Page

  • Sell webinar access without creating a separate product.
  • Show a sales copy and CTA for non-members while showing exclusive content to those who bought an offer.
  • Create individualized affiliate pages for your top affiliates.
  • Create bonus content on a separate permission page, only accessible to students completing xx% of a course. 
  • Create separate lessons on a permission based page that only students who own XYZ offer can see.
  • Create landing pages with registration forms, or application forms that won’t show again once someone has completed them… ie they see another part of the page or further instructions next time they visit.
  • Create a special Coaching Page for one Customer Only.
  • Sell an e-book or another digital product that doesn't require a full blown product/course. Use this as the locked thank you page after purchase which contains their paid download!
….. And a whole lot more….
  • Remember - if you're on the basic Kajabi plan and need more products... this may help put that extra expense off just a little longer...
  • Use it over and over again, the sky's the limit!  It's like having ultimate products!!!
Here's a quick behind the scenes tour...
What's included

1 x Blank Permissions Page, 1 x Sales Page Permissions Based Template, 1 x Webinar Sign Up Permissions Based Template


+ Fill in the missing text with your copy
+ change any colors or images (I give you graphics and images you can use -- plus the Canva templates to play with - another BIG time saver!)
+ Set your Permissions for the page
+ and VOILA - locked Kajabi pages!

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Things you need to know 

PRICE: $229

Due to the digital nature of the product, no refunds are available so please make sure this template is a match for your needs before completing your purchase!

What Happens Next?

After purchasing, you'll be sent login details where you can access your theme and all of the individual landing page templates. Along with a complete library of training videos, and instructions on how to install and setup your website theme.

Kajabi Permissions Page Template - Lockable Page Template
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Kajabi Permissions Page Template - Lockable Page Template


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