Right... let's talk 

Are you starting from scratch?
Already have one on Wordpress?

Either way you're going to need one for your Kajabi online business.


But where do you start?
There are stacks of Website designers out there.... but not many proficient in Kajabi...

Plus you'll probably start to find a lot of the Kajabi sites are starting to look the same?  Which is fine, if that's the look you're after.... But if you want something a bit different, something that's in your style and brand then you'll need to find someone who  KNOWS KAJABI  as well as HOW TO DESIGN!

Lucky for you that's my happy place!


It's the little things that make the difference to your audience...

Easy on the eye layouts, clearly defined areas, white space and imagery...

Comparison Tables and Content Boxes (just like Amy's)

Dropdown Menus, Font Variations, Graphics, Creative Pricing Tables....
Got something in mind, let's see what we can do!

Working with Penny was a DREAM. Of course it's crucial that a web designer be good at their job, which she is. But I think it's just as if not more important to collaborate with someone who's easy to communicate with. Penny was responsive, clear, pleasant, and overall a joy to work with. If you're looking for an expert in making a Kajabi site look unique and gorgeous, she's no question your gal. I'm so proud of the new voicebodyconnection.com!!!

Elissa Weinzimmer

Voice Body Connection

Elissa Weinzimmer

Voice Body Connection


Do you need
your spectacular images to tell
a story?



I hear you....
It's OK. I get it.
It's exhausting thinking
about all of this...
You've got enough
to think about trying
to get your Course finished...





But... I think you know what
needs to happen next!


It's time to hand
it over to someone
who gets that you
don't just need a 'pretty' site
- but rather a 'Kajabi'
site that sells.

It's time to get your
course finished or your
membership launched!
The quicker you can
get it all finished - the quicker
you can start making sales!!!

Here's What Others
Are Saying!


I hired Penny to make a professional landing sales page for me. She did a WONDERFUL job! I'm thrilled with the results. I'd hired another person about a week prior and I wasn't happy with the results at all, Penny's page that she did and the other guy were night and day difference. She was super organized, her entire process is outlined and easy to follow. She was very enjoyable to work with as well! I highly recommend Penny for website/landing & sales page work! I'll be using her services again for sure.

Karen, Hashimoto's Solution


Penny was referred to me and from the first communication she has been nothing but professional, friendly and very skilled at what she does. She goes out of her way to make sure we're happy with her work and is always quick and on the ball. We'll definitely use her again for future projects and I would highly recommend you do as well.

Damon, Restore Courses


I didn't have any big expectations when I hired Penny to move my website from one platform to another but OMG! The whole process was filled with ease on my side. Penny is organized, knows her stuff, and she made my site look so much better without me even having to tell her much. She went in, did it, and I only had a couple changes and wallah! A new site in what felt like the snap of a finger (that's because she's awesome at what she does.) So freakin' excited to have found Penny In Your Pocket!

Gina, What's Your Mud Yoga


Are you ready for your very own shiny new Kajabi Website?  Are you ready to ditch Wordpress and have your whole online business under one roof?*

* Makes life sooo much easier!


STOP costing yourself time and money trying to do this by yourself and hand it over to someone who ONLY works in Kajabi.

You go do you. And I'll do what I do best. You'll get an amazing 'original' and functional site in days, not weeks... AND be that much closer to getting sales through your cart!






Working with Penny has been a breath of fresh air. She was very knowledgable, insightful, and she immediately understood my desired vision and aesthetic for my new website. I worked with 3 "expert" designers and Kajabi "specialists" in the past year. All of whom failed to deliver at my standards. Penny exceeded my expectations, and she delivered a quality product in a short amount of time. As an image consultant, my website is my calling card. Penny was able to build something that I'm extremely proud of. The reviews from others who have seen the sight have been outstanding!

David Mcknight

McKnight Image Lab

David Mcknight

McKnight Image Lab

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This is my purpose built chill out office, where all the creative Kajabi magic happens. It's complete with palm trees and seagulls.... can you tell I LOVE the beach and all that goes along with it... and yes they are surfboards and paddle boards in the background. 
Laptop lifestyle embracer at heart. ❤️


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