Why Isn't My Online Course or Service Selling?

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OK so I hear this alot.
I see it alot in Facebook groups that are filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs dying to make money while they're sleeping!
Well come on - let's face it, that's the dream you're chasing - it's certainly what I'm going after.... along with my private island!
So, why is it that it seems like only a handful of 'great's' make all the money?
Ok listen up.
Here's my take on this... 
What a lot of the gurus neglect to tell you is that unless you have a niche/product that is what I call "In the Flow of the Money", you're going to have a much bigger battle on your hands and will need to be utilising as many marketing techniques as you can.
And any copy you have on your site, in ads, in your branding - anywhere and everywhere is going to have to be 'Emotional Copy That Sells!'.
🌱 What do I mean by "In The Flow Of The Money"?
>> Think of Kajabi as a product - people want to start building online courses so they're actively looking for a platform they can use to do this... they're in the flow of the money.
>> Dog Training.... again people have dogs... they're already thinking about whether they need to go to puppy school or seek out the help of a dog trainer..... they're in the flow of the money.
>> How to Sell on Instagram.... again, most people in business are going to be actively looking for help with learning about social media platforms to grow their businesses... yep you guessed it - in the flow of the money.
😥 Not In The Flow of The Money...
Here's a real example for you.
Hubby had a plumbing business, an extremely successful, one of a kind plumbing business that was 100% Cash flow positive and automated (unheard of in a Contractor business).
He sold it.
Made a stack of money, and started a coaching/consulting business.... because there were a few guys that wanted to know his secrets.
(NOTE TO SELF AND TO YOU: Definitely not enough testing of the idea done first...)
Here's what we learnt:
  1. Small Niche - It was nowhere near deep enough

  2. Clients knew they had a problem with their businesses but didn't know what the problem was - they weren't actively looking for what we had because they didn't understand what we offered or how it could work for their businesses (total alien concepts to these guys).

  3. What they were looking for, actively, was software programs - because that's all they knew to do and they believed that was the answer.

  4. The amount of work to convince a potential client they need your product (when they don't know they need it, or even want it) is huge.

  5. The copy and content of sales pages/ads etc written for potential clients that have an extremely low level of awareness is totally different to copy where people already know your product/brand/service.

  6. Don't sell someone what they need - sell them what they want. This one is huge - write it down somewhere so you can look at it ALL the time!

  7. Focus your service/course on one thing only - don't overwhelm them with multiple things that could be broken up into smaller courses.


It's Not Impossible, You Can Make Sales - Just Don't Be Fooled Into Thinking That It Will Happen Overnight

I'm certainly not saying it can't be done....

...it just has to be done in a different way.

You're dealing with people that aren't aware (that is - they have a low level of awareness of your product or service). Therefore any copy you have on your site, in ads, in your branding - anywhere and everywhere is going to have to be 'Emotional Copy That Sells!'. 

And the other thing I see so often, is actually in the copy.

You (and your MUM) may think it's great writing about yourself and all of your accomplishments and "I this" and "I that" all over your website and/or copy.....

But you're not talking to your customer when you do this. All they see is the word "I". That doesn't give them warm fuzzies... THEY WANT TO READ ABOUT THEMSELVES, NOT YOU!

It's a hard one to learn.

And maybe even a blow to your ego.... but it's true.

People are only interested in themselves and they're drawn to copy that talks about them, not someone else.

PLUS you need to talk to your ideal client in a way that the client can understand... not in technical or over the top corporate language (unless you're dealing with large corporations and/or government departments). 

This is a real skill and why copywriters are worth their weight in gold!

If you have a niche that's small, and people aren't even aware they have a problem so aren't looking online for a solution.... then you're going to need some awesome copy to STOP them in their tracks and take action!

It's all doable... but hard slog to build it up. 

💥SO my tips to you. ðŸ’¥

  • Really look long and hard at your niche.
  • Is it big enough?
  • Are your ideal client's looking for a solution that you offer?
  • Do they even know they have a problem?
  • Are you solving ONE problem or MANY?
  • What is your copy like? Are you talking in 'their' language?
  • Are you using the words 'you' or do you have the dreaded 'I' slipping in and out?

Address the above and you'll be making those sales in your sleep in no time!!!!!

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