When You Can Finally See the Beauty

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Beautiful waterhole at Kuringai

I love this photo.

It's a special secluded family picnic area near my home, but you have to go through meandering pathways of old coastal banksia and tea-trees before coming across this amazing waterhole.  It's in a place that was once part of Guringai Country and was the land of the Garigal people. 

You can feel their spirit all around you and it's just amazing.

I'm sharing, because this photo reminds me of our Kajabi journeys.... where that sweet spot is always lying on the other side of the squiggly squiggly pathway!  

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy exploring the path and learning along the way.... but some days are just tiring. Today was one of those.🥲

One of the things I've learnt is that many of us tend to be lazy... we'd rather someone tell us the exact pathway to go down so we can run, not walk, to our destination.

But what is forgotten with this mindset is the learning....

We learn by doing, not by being told what to do. So how can you possibly expect to learn anything, if you're relying on someone else to tell you....?

You need to DO.

And then DO AGAIN.

And we need to have fun DOING.

This is how we learn and retain information...

It's why so many indigenous cultures around the world include singing and dancing and rituals as a part of their Story Time... it's fun and you're using all the areas of your brain, it's uplifting and those involved are vibrating at a higher frequency.

Why is this important? Because you feel better, lighter, happier, and experience a greater sense of self just to name a few.  Learning is not a chore in this state.

Which brings me back to Kajabi-land.

I learnt Kajabi by DOING, by playing, by testing... and then doing it over and over until it became second nature... and I had a heap of fun along the way. 

It was like a new toy to me... "Wow, what does this part do... and I wonder what happens if I do this?"  Did I make mistakes? Sure... that's part of the learning process...

But what I'm seeing of late.... are entrepreneurs from all walks of life, diving into Kajabi feet first, spending 15 minutes in it, and then because they're in a mad rush...

.....they go and ask someone how to ditch the squiggly pathway and get to the waterhole in the fastest way possible. 🏃‍♀️

But they're not learning.

And because of this they're making costly mistakes and having to go back to the beginning and try to unravel everything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a helper by nature... so when I'm the person who is being asked, of course I'm going to help you..... but... I'm finding I'm having to tell people to down tools.

STOP. Take a breath and get yourself back to that pathway.

Is Kajabi even the right platform for you?

How you can you ask the right questions if you don't know what Kajabi can or can't do?
These should be pre-sale questions, not "I'm locked and paid up and I want it to do this so please tell me how to make it do that"!!!

I felt like I've written the following explanation over and over again this year, so now I'm adding it here as well.

There are 3 components to Kajabi.
1. A Website (and this includes all the system pages we need like Library, Login, 404, Blog)
2. A Product (these are completely separate to website themes, they are were your courses and content are stored, and they will need their own Template/Theme attached to them)
3. Pages (So these we use for any extra pages that are not part of the website theme. Many of us prefer to build our websites using mainly pages, eg, home page, about page etc.  But you can use the Website theme for these as well.) The main thing you need pages for is for Sales Landing Pages, Optin Pages etc... any page where you want to capture leads, sell a product, talk about your services etc.
You will need a Website, and this will cover your Blog, Library, Login pages etc.
You will need Products (and a product theme) for the online courses you want to create.
And you may need a Sales Page to sell your products and/or services.
So in short.
All 3 are separate animals... and completely independent of each other.
I would always suggest for people to just make a start on one area first. Get to know Kajabi, how it works etc, and then dive into what you need... ie better templates and themes.
If you want to build a website, Kajabi already has quite a few website themes that you could choose from... or you can grab one of my Kajabi Custom Website themes.  Neither Kajabi's themes, nor mine, come with a specialized Sales Landing Page... you'd grab one of those separately.... but again only when you need it.
When you get up to creating your courses, that's when you look at the Product theme templates... you can keep creating and get your course to nearly finished before having to pick the theme you love.
And I'm showing you an image I created to try to help visualize how it all works.  It's part of the squiggly pathway, enough to get you headed down it and learn all you can.
Ok my fellow Kajabian's, that's it for today... it's bed time here in Australia.
Enjoy your journey and keep on learning!

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