Which Online Marketing Entrepreneurs do you follow and why?

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Amy Porterfield ⭐️ Brendon Burchard. ⭐️ James Wedmore. ⭐️ Marie Forleo. ⭐️ Stu McLaren. ⭐️ Jasmine Star....

A bunch of names...

some you might know....

some you might not....

BUT... I want to talk about them all today... why? 

Because these are all names I'm familiar with.... yet so many people from all over the world I meet are not... which is fine 🤔, hmmm unless you suddenly want to build an online course or create a membership!!!!

Now I get that most people who aren't in this crazy, parallel universe of online businesses, online marketing or the insanely exploding online 'knowledge commerce' arena probably don't know these guys from a bar of soap....

(Note > and that includes most members of my family and people I hang with at the coffee shop.... hey I am in Australia and we're tiny in numbers)...

BUT... guys and gals and everyone in-between, if you're seriously considering quitting your day job and turning your ninja knowledge into an online course... then...




Big call you might say... sure, it is. But these are the gurus that I personally recommend others should become familiar with if they want to learn from the greats in this industry!!!

I have my reasons for following them.... Do you have reasons for those that you follow?

It fascinates me how people can be so quick to put an online guru down... yet they've never followed them, never taken one of their courses, never peeked into one of their facebook groups...... Ok write this down and repeat after me.... "being open to new ideas and being willing to learn is actually a good thing and one that will help me grow and prosper!"

I've been asked by a few to explain my reasons for following these gurus and also if I had my time over again, in what order I'd stalk them ---- I mean learn from them 😻.  So let's do this:

My List In Order.

1. Marie Forleo.

Marie's BSchool course is fantastic for anyone just getting started in business.

So if you're a complete newbie to setting up a company, learning all things business, the mindset you need, and having your hand held by a super supportive group of people... then this is for you.

I didn't do BSchool first, and I wish I had after doing it.

It's like setting the groundwork you need for everything else.... there's some tech stuff thrown in around the online tools you need, some marketing, some legals, friends for life... it's got a bit of everything.

2. Amy Porterfield.

Amy is who really changed my world.

Amy taught me all about online courses, list building and running webinars... and the best bit... she's a detail person. And this totally appealed to the analytical side of my brain because she's brilliant in breaking things down step by step... and it makes sense.

I've done courses before that are all over the shop.. there's no rhyme or reason to the order and I'd continually get lost.... and then never go back and finish the course.

NOT so with Amy's courses.  Whilst Marie's are beautifully creative and take your breathe away visually.... Amy's blow my mind for structure (still beautiful.. because you need both in my opinion... my brain gets bored without pictures and colors that match.... we'll save that story for another day....)... where were we... oh yeah. Structured. Simple but detailed.... not overwhelming. And listening to Amy's voice....👂talk you through the mild anxiety attack you just had because you just worked out how much work goes into making an online course.. well she's an angel.  Plus once again... another awesome group of like-minded online business creators hang out in Amy's FB group... another group of friends ❤️.

3. Stu McLaren

Ok I'm levelling with you. I've not done Stu's Tribe Course.... but it's on my list.

And I do know alot of what Stu teaches (I may or may not have him on my stalk list as well....🤣) and he's the master at creating memberships. You only have to read his BIO to know why he's the man for this job!!!!!

But why would Stu's course be 3?

Simple... because in my mind, and seeing how others have done this... it makes perfect sense to back up your course or workshop series or webinar masterclasses with a membership.

I've been a course junkie, I know what it's like to go through someone's course for 90 days... feeling like you're immersed, supported, understood.. and then suddenly it's over... you want more... more access to the guru, an easy way to ask questions... to stay upto date, to still hang out with the Tribe... hmmm but you don't necessarily want to do this straight away at the hefty "join my illumni group for $20k a year"....

This my friends is where memberships come into their own... they give people like you and I access all year round to the guru we follow - sure the access isn't going to be a visit to the private villa with drinks... but being able to ask a question from time to time in a group environment, a question that's specific to your business and where it's at... and knowing that someone will have the answer for you in a heartbeat... well that's gold.  So for continued support and someone to kick my butt and keep me moving forward... memberships are a GO.

4. James Wedmore

So if I'm being honest, because I usually am...

I didn't know much about James until I started hanging out with Amy (this is the other thing that happens... I love that they're all mates, it's like you get the best of 2 people because they constantly share information on combined podcasts!!!!)...

Ok so James caught my eye because his course "Business By Design" has a different take on things again.  It's not a double up on the other courses... it's more like an expansion. 

He's number 4 because....by now... you've got your business all setup properly, a website, your email and tech locked and loaded, you've created a webinar, got your list happening, created a course, and getting ready to launch your membership..... well James is the missing piece in the puzzle to scale and launch this business into the Stratosphere. 

And knock me over with a feather... he's another checklist and system lover... step by step, completely ordered and structured... and with templates, swipe files, how-to's on everything... you'll learn how to put on other people to help you grow, how to do launches successfully, how to build out the perfect landing page and sooooooooo much more.  You can't get lost or use the excuse... "it's too hard, I don't know what to do next".... there's a list for that too!!!!!

5. Jasmine Star (She could really be a 4a... if you've scaled through James and have the extra cash... do it now!!!)

And then there was 5 (or 4a).... Come on down Jasmine!!!! In the shiny, sparkly, so cute jumpsuit you wore at the Kajabi Impact Summit!!!! 

So Jasmine is literally the STAR of Instagram. If you want to know how to launch your course or membership on Insta... or even just to get your Insta account looking like you know what you're doing and not like something your 6 year old did... then you'll need to stalk Jasmine! 

Seriously the tricks that this girl knows on how to start your own following and how to get your people engaging with you, and telling you what they want, and signing up for your course... it's pure platinum (yep, we're going one step up from gold.) .

It's super fun to learn about our socialness and how we instinctively respond!  
Human beings are just fascinating people... and so much of what we learn from all of these gurus is really about psychology......

Jasmine has courses about Instagram as well as her own program called Social Curator - which will help you get that coveted Insta account that people will gush over.  It's full of gorgeous and interesting photos (because Jasmine's a seriously good photographer as well as a smarty pants at Instagram!)

But why have I left Jasmine till 5/4a? Because now that I've got everything in place, I'm ready to rock my socials.... now I have some time to really nail this and become my own influencer.... because now I've scaled my business, I have help for my everyday stuff... and I can breathe again... I can think about doing quizzes and stories on Instagram and other social platforms.. I can really start to drive some traffic and really help people with my own knowledge.

6. Last but certainly not least.  Brendon Burchard.

He's the ultimate motivator and marketer with some seriously insane marketing examples and formulas. Plus he's a genuinely nice guy.... who's also one of Kenny's best friends... so this makes him more than OK in my books..... wait who's Kenny did you say?

Kenny's the one and only Mr Kajabi.... you can read all about him here.

But back to Brendon.

So Brendon is going to bring out the best in me lol....

He's a high performance trainer with plenty of best selling books under his belt along with his own suite of guru courses. Motivation, confidence, habits, leadership and high performance... the ultimate in personal and professional development... The pinnacle of my online success.

Why last? Because this is when I see the need for motivation and personal development... this is the time that I'll really need to be at my peak performance state and be able to master my marketing... 🤩

Hmmm so in conclusion....

I think each and every one of these online experts is needed on my journey at varying points.  None is more important than another, they all work hand-in -hand.

So do you really need to do all of the courses on offer?

And what about all of the other ones out there on the internet...?

I mean we haven't even touched on copywriting yet... and that's definitely a skill we'll be needing....????

Well time will tell my friends. ⌛️

And you can bet there'll be more coming up the ranks that will have a different knowledge we'll be needing as well.... Don't you just feel like it's the evolution of constant learning.... but in a good way lol?

Ok I'm leaving this here....

You now know who I follow and why....

....but I do want to say one thing to those of you reading this that are just getting started with creating your courses in Kajabi (or another online learning platform)....

YOU definitely need to find someone you can follow, and learn from, to teach you how to create your course. 

This is a skill, and there's steps and strategies that should be followed in order for it to be successful.... Not to mention if you do hire someone to help you put it together, you'll end up paying twice as much because you're not organised and don't know what you're doing! 

So to help you out, I have 2 FREEBIES for you today.....

1. Is my Course Outline Worksheet that you can use to get yourself some structure.
Download it 👉HERE

and 2. Is actually a wonderful resource from Amy Porterfield ...👉Get your hands on the ultimate course creation starter kit (for free!) HERE.....


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