Kajabi SEO Quick Tip

kajabi quick tip seo

So there's been a lot of talk about SEO and Kajabi and how it's just nowhere near as good as Wordpress...

And up until now I didn't really have any stats to dispute this as I've been waiting to see what would happen with my new Kajabi website landing pages and sales pages and of course BLOG.

Well... let me tell you...

Kajabi's SEO is holding it's own

I've already made first page organically for several key phrases... and I'm in good company....

I can also see that there's another half a dozen Kajabi websites and pages from competitors up there too - so I would say it's definitely working!

One little tip I wanted to pass on, is to make sure you're entering your SEO info for every blog, and every page you create.  Use keywords and phrases you know that your audience will be typing into Google to find you.... but make sure it still reads ok and makes sense, as otherwise Google can actually penalise you for 'keyword stuffing'.

Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:


Now if you don't enter that information, take note of this: 


Hmmm why would that be a bad thing you ask... well because you might have called that page something random, something that means something to you... but maybe not to Google or your peeps!!!

Here's an example for you of one that I forgot to put my SEO details in....  you can see that Kajabi has just grabbed my in-house page title, and also a blurb from the text on the page.... 

So the bottom line is -

SEO DOES AND WILL WORK IN KAJABI, but only if you remember to put in the SEO details.  And the more pages and blog articles you create, the better your chances of being found.....

Oooh and in case you didn't know here's a really quick way of checking what Google has actually indexed from your site.

  1. Open up a new  browser window
  2. Type the following into the search bar.
  3. Then hit enter or click on search.

Google will now show you what it has indexed from your site - these are the pages that the public will be able to see.

This is a good way of checking what information is being picked up for SEO - you'll be able to see page titles, url's and descriptions.

Now on the Flip Side - what if you don't want the page to be found....

Well that's easy - just put a tick in the box that says "Hide page from search engines".

>> Happy SEO'ing my fellow Kajabians!



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