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Ok so let's be honest...

Mondays can sometimes be challenging...

....although I must say since becoming a Global Online Business convert and only needing my laptop and fast internet.... Monday's aren't really a thing anymore.... all days just blend in together (is that a good or a bad thing?... hmmm, regardless I love it!)

However... the rest of my world (family, dog, local community) still operate on the Monday to Friday merry-go-round... and I find I can get pulled back into the vortex of OMG it's the Monday Morning chaos of ---

"Mum, have you seen my English novel - I can't find it!!!"
(hmmm maybe that's because your room is a mess, and you've left it till the last minute to pack your school bag?)


"Mum, my alarm didn't go off - I'm going to be sooooo late, please can you drop me to the bus stop"
(ah yeah it did go off because I heard it... you just chose to turn it off!!!!  Maybe you could set 2 alarms or what about 3 so that eventually they annoy you enough to get out of bed???)


The Dog who, after the bath she was given on the weekend, decides that she'd rather roll in fresh rabbit poo because that's more appealing to her nostrils... and also because you didn't go to the 'normal' dog park this morning she's going to ignore you!!!!

YEP - gotta love Monday Mornings.

And then you open your laptop to check the 50 gazillion emails waiting for you... and BAM - there it is... the one email you'd been hoping for....

"Penny!!! - it worked!! Your solution worked - I could never have done this without you!!!"

Haaaaaa - that's a big sigh right there.
The morning chaos is forgotten and the feeling of "Yes - Nailed it" is welcomed.

Apparently it's one of my human needs (according to Tony.... Robbins that is)... CONTRIBUTE BEYOND OURSELVES... it's a huge part of why I do what I do, as well as GROWTH.  

I'm a sucker for a good problem.... almost fanatical about finding the solution... it's been there since I was a tiny tot and I now finally understand it's a gift..... 

If I can help others solve their problems, problems that will change their immediate world, make their lives simpler or more enjoyable, or more successful - whatever success is to them..... then I am in my happy place. (ENTER KAJABI OF COURSE....)

And today's win, as with other wins I've had, is no different.

But I wanted to share this one with you guys.... because it's about perseverance and truly believing that there's always a way..... or as Marie Forleo says "Everything is figureoutable".

So here's what's got me so excited today.... and fair warning, this is super nerdy.

Having been tasked with helping Denise Duffield-Thomas (and her amazing team) move from Infusionsoft and Access Ally over to Kajabi... one of the dilemmas was coming up with an automated system to keep track of defaulted subscription payments....

YES - SHOCK HORROR!!! - it happens, the bigger your business becomes... the more this unfortunately kicks in.... the more payment plans you offer, the more you'll get defaulters.

In the past they had a neat little tagging system where I.S. and Stripe and Paypal all talked nicely together... which then helped the guys from Gravy go in and know who to follow up with.  However..... we'd been struggling to come up with a similar system using Kajabi...


We had been testing zaps (using Zapier) that would take the information we could get from Stripe and filter out the defaulters, then apply a tag against that person in Kajabi, and then notify the team at Gravy that there were people to follow up with. 

Sounds simple enough....??

....except that Stripe is setup to keep trying to collect outstanding payments for a certain number of times and over a certain period of time.... but doesn't seem to push that information over to Zapier (we're limited to what info we can see and use)...

....Hmmm so how can we flag only the people that :

  1. have a subscription that is "past due" and
  2. where all payment attempts have been exhausted....

Well... the missing component is being able to turn unix epoch time to a human readable timestamp.... OMG DID THAT SOUND LIKE GOBBLEDY-DOOOK haha.. it did to me too... who knew that that was even a thing.... CHECK IT OUT HERE

Anyhooo... here's what we've managed to do (all completely automated):

  • Get Zapier to use the info provided from Stripe to 
    • look for failed charges
    • turn the unix epoch times provided into dates
    • grab the start of the subscription period date
    • grab the date this failed charge has tried to run through
    • determine if the alotted number of days for retries has been met
    • only continue working if the filtering above has been met
  • Then send the information to a form in Kajabi, which matches to the person's email
  • Enter in the details of the failed attempts and charge into this form (which can be seen from looking at the members card)
  • Flag the person with a special tag so that Gravy is able to find them by running a report
  • Send an automated email to the admin team with all the persons details on, and an alert that they need to take action

Ok so it might not sound much when you put it into words... but the amount of time and headaches this will now save is HUGE.

Note - it took us a couple of months to get this into place purely because of all the testing and waiting for real data to come through....

So you can bet your little tooshie, I'm in "Nailed It" mode.

Right - onto the next challenge and problem to solve... 
Go Kajabi, Go Zapier... and go "we can do this" attitudes.

PS a big thank you and shout out to Mel on Denise's team... who has been instrumental in helping get this all tested and for putting up with the failed attempts in the beginning... we got there!!!

PPS.... let me know how your Monday was in the comments!!! 


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