KAJABI Quick Tip - WARNING on using the Update Page Tool

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OOOH YAYA I see you getting excited... look there's a shiny new tool in our Kajabi kit. And you would be 100% forgiven for thinking this way.  After all, anything that will save us time is going to be a good tool to have right?

Hmmm. Let's stop for a minute.

You are correct. Kajabi now have an Update Page Tool. You'll notice it like this in your site:




Unfortunately this tool doesn't bring over any custom coding that has been done on a page. And because my template pages have code in them, it means it will wipe all the coding from the page and you will lose that functionality.

Kajabi does issue a warning on this when you bring the tool up.


There is no need to update your page, unless there is a particular NEW feature that you want to use.

For example, in Kajabi's latest page version update, they have now added a new Section and Block called 'Carousel', which can be used for a Slider Testimonial block amongst other things.

If you don't need that feature, then there's absolutely NO need to update your page at all.

However, if you do want to update to the latest version and be able to use any new features, then unfortunately you will need to re-download the template pages again and rebuild them from scratch.

We do not have an update tool... and this goes for ANY page, whether a Kajabi page or a paid template. ie if you have code on the page, it won't update... and this means a rebuild of the page.


You have access to the Code Editor in your account.

Then there is a way to carefully copy parts of the CONFIG > settings_data.json file over to a new page.

You could always pay for Kajabi's Access Plan for one month to gain access to the Code Editor, and then do all your page updates in that month... and then drop back down to your normal plan if needed.  Just a thought.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you've purchased one of my templates and are unsure of what you can and can't do.

Until next time, enjoy the day in your part of the world!

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