Kajabi's Template Store - Everything You Wanted To Know

kajabi templates

Yay, super excited. It's finally here.

The Kajabi Template Store.

Want to know how you can access the store, browse through the templates, and find the perfect one for your needs? I got you.

I made you all a video, so be sure to watch it!

Did you know that Kajabi is actually vetting the templates to ensure the quality of each one?
Now of course, with so many templates being submitted, it's gonna take some time to get them all in. 

And that's ok, because new ones are being added on the weekly.  Which means, you'll all be totally spoilt for choice.

Check it out and start exploring the amazing templates available. Enjoy! 🎉

Here's the link to head to the Store:

PS. if you've got any questions about the Store or how to use it you know you can always shoot me a message.


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