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OK friend, STOP making life hard for yourself.

The aim of the game today is to simplify your business and ultimately your life.

So why do you want Kajabi to do something that Infusionsoft (or any other program for that matter) can do…. when it was never designed that way in the first place?

I get it….

....you’ve gone and bought yet another course from a guru and it’s all about how to “Run a Virtual Summit” or “Create a Membership program” or “Build a Funnel with multiple levels of Offers, Upsells & Downsells, and fancy Deadline timers….” and they’re telling you how easy it all is to setup…..

But what they haven’t told you is how to do it using Kajabi….

......hmmm, so now you want to recreate it exactly as they’ve told you to…. and you spend the next 2 weeks trying to work out how…… and then you hate on Kajabi because you can’t make it do what you want!!!!

You’re now trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
And now you’re making life hard for yourself!!!

YES…. Kajabi CAN do a lot of those things, but here’s the kicker - you have to start with Kajabi in mind first.

Or whichever program you’re using….


It’s my advice always…. start with the ‘unchangeable’ thing, the item you love most, the stationery object, the constant that can’t be changed….

What do I mean by this?

Here’s some examples:
  • The special Painting you love that was handed down from a relative. Create your living room around your painting - not the other way around. Think furniture placement, the overall color scheme, lighting. If the painting is the constant and the thing that brings you joy, then everything else must work with IT….. it can’t be the last thought in your room as it will never look as spectacular as it could.

    👆This is one of my favorite paintings given to me by an uncle - it reminds me of my Pop (Grandfather) who loved to fish - plus we live near a lake that is full of Pelicans. So we built the room around it... you can't see them but I even have some of my grandfather's original timber 'red' fishing line floats on display.  The color scheme for this room must match the painting.... and there's even special downlights above the painting that show it off at night. The painting is the one thing I didn't want to change, my focal point... so only items that work with it, or enhance it, are allowed in the room...
  • Building your house to match your environment. If you live in the tropics, then why would you build an igloo? The tropics is your constant… so build and design your home to suit… high ceilings to let out hot air, ceiling fans as well to move air and keep mosquitos away, louvre windows to get the maximum opening space to let air flow through the house, use of fabrics that don’t hold moisture so they won’t rot over time with the high humidity…. can you see how this house would make your life easier and bring more joy…. you’re not battling against the elements, you’re working with them and using them to your advantage.
  • Creating your business or website without branding or a logo. So I’ve worked on sites (only 2 thank goodness) that had no logo or exact color scheme…. and the client wanted to add these in afterwards… and then wondered why it didn’t have a “wow” effect.  It’s the same principle as the painting in the room.  If you don’t have your focal point, your one thing that everything branches from…. then you’re asking for a whole lot of hard work and not the best results.  Similarly I had a client who had an extremely fancy logo…. that looked ok by itself…. but looked terrible when added to a website, especially because she wanted to add 6 different color themes to the site.
    Don’t get me started on this…. I’m a 3 color gal (with a couple of tones or the use of black and white thrown in)…. I once had an interior design teacher who said this to me:
    Penny, if you wouldn’t find that color combination in nature or those hues used together… THEN DON’T USE IT.  Nature never gets it wrong.
    And she was spot on.
    Nature doesn’t fight against itself, it all works together in harmony…

>>>> So back to my original point.

Let’s say Kajabi is your constant.

You’ve paid for the subscription and you like most of it… (80/20 rule is in play)….

but you just wish it did these other things the gurus are talking about…..

Well alrighty then…. it’s time to reverse engineer.

Look at the Virtual Summit system you want to put in play…. how can you do this in Kajabi (NOT EXACTLY THE SAME, but in a similar way to get the same outcome)?

What are the components needed to pull this off?

Break it all down into bitesize pieces, get your post it note wall happening, or your Trello board created….

Now start from the end results and work backwards. 


At the end of the Virtual Summit, your ultimate goal is to get your viewers to pay for a Lifetime Access Pass to all the interviews.  So what will you need?

  • A payment facility: ✓ Kajabi can do this with an offer and checkout page.
  • A thank you page: ✓ We can build a standalone page with instructions for what the customer needs to do next.
  • Somewhere to house the Video Interviews….✓ If these are paid for then you’ll be wanting to put them behind a password so only customers can get access.  As we can’t create Password protected standalone pages in Kajabi (well not without using fancy custom coded templates), the best place is to store them inside a Product (course). 

    Hmmm but what about when it’s in its FREE stage, ie Optin to the Virtual Summit and watch these FREE Interviews - where will you put those videos? 
    And why would you put them on a standalone page when you’re only going to have to pull that page down when the Summit is over and then move the videos inside a Product? How long would it take you to build those beautiful "Daily Speaker Video Pages....".... only to have them become dead in the water and unusable after the Summit....
    With that in mind… you’d be better off starting inside a Product/course area?
    In other words when people sign up for the Summit, they’ll be granted access to a password protected portal where they can login and watch the interviews.
    (See what we just did - we’ve cut down on a whole lot of work by putting the Interviews into the place where they were going to end up anyway….)

  • We use Kajabi’s system of a "Product Access Date", and then automatically remove people from the Offer (product) after a certain number of days has passed…. like 7 days after the Summit started…. (unless they’ve purchased the All Access Pass in which case they have access for life).

What else is needed for a Virtual Summit?

  • An optin page (a standalone landing page that tells them all about the speakers, details of the summit etc)
  • A registration/thank you page (another standalone landing page)
  • A sales page, ie All Access Pass to the Summit (another standalone landing page)
  • A thank you page for after someone purchases the All Access Pass (another standalone landing page)
  • An email sequence set up to remind people of when the Summit is starting, when the next days videos are live, how to grab an All Access Pass etc. (use an Event in Kajabi to make this happen - create the emails around the starting date and time)
  • An optin form - which is on the optin page (use a form in Kajabi that automatically registers people to your Summit Event)

In Summary here's what you need in Kajabi to pull this off:

4 x Landing Pages
1 x Course/Product area
1 x Event Setup (with email sequences written)
1 x Form with Automation to register to the Event you created
2 x Offers with Checkout Pages - one for the Free access, one for the Paid version.
1 x Automation within the Free Offer that will remove access to the product after a certain number of days have passed, unless they've purchased the Offer.

Sure there’s lots of other little things you can add to the Optin Page or All Access Pass Sales Page (like 3rd party features - EG AddThis for social shares) but they’re not your “constant”, KAJABI is.

So by starting with Kajabi and what it can and can’t do, and then working outwards and backwards from your end goal…. we can get creative and pretty much achieve most of what your Guru told you to do. 

One other thing…. what about if your constant changes?

Like what if you realise that the thing you want to do forever is run Virtual Summits - and there’s a better tool/program on the market that can make it super easy and save you a stack of time?

Well, this is when you you have to make that hard decision to stay or leave Kajabi….

Don’t fight against the flow, the stream or the current - go with the flow and make your life and business easy.

If it means ditching one program for another….. then do it.

👉Hmmm like leaving Infusionsoft because you only use 10% of it….

👉Or Wordpress because you’re over having to constantly update it and deal with broken plugins…

👉Or Microsoft office because GSUITE just rules the world now and talks to everything and rarely needs updates… and it just works!!!

👉Or ditching fancy video production software like Screenflow because you can create your video using an online program like Loom in a 10th of the time! (I've just made this decision this week... as every time I think about creating a video and having to use Screenflow .... I put it off!!!   I'm done with making life hard for myself.... give me the easy stuff so I can keep moving forward!!!)

👉Or yes, even Kajabi if it's no longer your constant. 😢

Here's to finding more time in the day because we're getting smart with how we use apps and programs and working with the flow instead of against it!!!


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