KAJABI and diagnosing issues with templates and themes

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Right, so... let's set the scene.

You've just spent 45minutes putting together an amazing landing page that you'll be using for your sales page. 

Suddenly without warning when you view the page, things look different... there are sections that are now different colors, weird code now showing at the top of the page and/or everything now looks broken???

WTH has happened?

Is it something you did?

Is it a Kajabi bug?

Is it because you've used a custom template or theme from someone?

Hmmm, how would you know and what do you do?


  • Take a deep breathe.... and another.
  • Next, take note of the following: what browser you're using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc), and whether you're on a Mac or PC.
  • Try to remember what the very last thing was you'd been working on... did you change a background image or color? A button? Add text to the hero section.... think long and hard on this one... because even the most trivial thing can help in what we call "The Process of Elimination".
  • If you're using a particular template or theme, what's the name and version of it.
  • If it's a landing page or website theme -- find out if it's in the newest Encore Framework and again, what version it is.
  • If you go back and undo the very last thing you changed/touched, does it make a difference?
  • Then, and only then, should you jump onto the Kajabi Live Chat.

Now here's what will happen.

The help team should run through all the above with you, asking similar questions... and now you'll be prepared, and hopefully be able to help them get to the bottom of what happened.

If you are using a custom Kajabi template or theme from someone else, including if it's one of mine. Kajabi may ask you this question as well.  If you say yes, they may then tell you it's best you head to the developer of the theme.

But here's what we really want to avoid with all of this.

We want to try and establish if it is this particular theme/template or is it any theme/template?  However, this becomes really challenging if you don't know what you did last, ie what was the last thing that happened right before the page or theme 'broke'.

Check out the methods I show you in the video and see if you can perform a similar test.

Ultimately we want to prove this:
It's either a Kajabi site wide bug that happens to ANY theme/template OR it's specific to a custom template or theme.

Hope the video helps you get to the problem or root cause of any issues much faster and with less stress!!!!

Happy Kajabi-ing my friends.

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