KAJABI + Facebook | How To Add FB Comments to the bottom of your Blog Post!

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I get asked this question a lot - how can I allow people to comment on my blog posts?  

Well traditionally there's 2 ways to do this in Kajabi.

1. Using Disqus 

There's a space under Website > Blog > Settings for Disqus Comments. And it's easy for you to put in the code that Disqus gives you (once you create an account with them). 

2. Using the FB Comments Plugin. 

This is my preferred option, although it's a little more work on your part.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to install FB Comments.

And for reference here are the steps:

  • Create your blog as normal.
  • Preview your blog post, and copy the URL of the blog.
  • Goto Developers facebook comments configurator here >> https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments/#configurator
  • Put the url of your blog post where it says to.
  • Check that the size/width is what you'd like and the number of posts is suitable.
  • Click on get code.
  • Put the first part of the code in Settings > Site Details > Page Scripts - remember to save.
  • Then grab the second part of the code, and paste it in the Source Code area - at the very bottom of your blog post.

AND VOILA! --> FB comments should now appear at the bottom of your blog post.

You'll need to do this for each blog post you create, except you won't need to add in the Javascript code each time (ie Settings area).... only the corresponding code for the blog post.

Yay - you now know how to add FB comments - let me know in my comments below how you go with this!!! 😀 



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