Getting your students to agree to T&C's BEFORE gaining access to your Kajabi Product

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Want to know how to setup a system that helps you get your customers to sign Terms and Conditions, or an Agreement PRIOR to gaining access to your product?

Then watch the video and learn the steps and automations I put in place to pull this off, only using Kajabi.

This is a quick tips training for you as I seem to be getting even more questions on this lately.

Here's the thing →  you can add Terms and Conditions to your checkout page and they have to tick those before purchase... but sometimes that can be an extra friction point.

You definitely want them to know there's T&C's prior to purchase, and you can have these as a special separate page on your site, as well as on the checkout page.  But do you really want to prevent purchase first, or do you just want to make sure they cannot access the product BEFORE signing.

Lots to think about with checkout pages, and especially if Terms are a big part of your business.

I came up with a method where folks are sent to a Thank you landing page which shows an Agreement, and they have to tick they've read the agreement and physically write in their name and details once more BEFORE they are granted access to a product.

Best part is it's all automated. 🙌

Here are the flow charts that I show in the video so you can easily see what's needed.



Have fun setting this up in your own Kajabi account.


PS. remember to leave me a comment below if you've got questions or thoughts on the above.


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