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Solid Lines Momentum Theme


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Solid Lines Version
These are the extra functions and options you have!
Accordion Options

Option to either show SubModules and Modules or just Modules when the Accordion is zipped up

Banner Image
Tabs Extra Styling
New Setting Options

More ways to style your course

Add Your Own Custom CSS

Want to tweak a couple of things? Now you can.

More Color Options

Because branding should never be limited!

Add an External Link

To the sidebar, --> go to a FB group, or a bonus product. Note: 1 x extra link only.

Show/Hide Progress

Makes more sense to hide progress if it's not a course.

Hide ALL Comments

Now you can hide all comments in one go!

Mark As Complete

Don't need this? You can now hide it.

Show/Hide Pop Up

This can get annoying for some, so turn it off.

A Favorites Page

All favorite lessons can be shown on one page.

2 in 1 Pack!


USD | One time payment

  • Solid Lines Custom Momentum Product Theme
  • Minimalist Custom Momentum Product Theme

The Solid Lines Custom Momentum Theme

Lots of customization, lots of different ways you can use it.
Courses, memberships or even a resource product.... take your pick.

And style it your way!