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I got you. Below is my trusty list of Kajabi Service Professionals. If I need to recommend you to someone else, these are my goto Kajabi Experts. Read my Hello message first, and then scoot on down the page for meet and greets.

Hello +

 A Warning!

In case you don't know me... my name is Penny Clements and I'm the founder of Penny In Your Pocket. I've been using, creating, building, and developing in Kajabi since the beginning of 2016... & it's my happy place.

That being said, over the last few years the number of Kajabi users has quadrupled and lots of Kajabians are now looking for trustworthy and reputable service providers to help them.

One of the things I noticed was the influx of Service Providers coming into our Kajabi FB group... followed by messages from fellow Kajabians that they'd been ripped off by someone offering Kajabi help.

Yikes....the provider had disappeared, done a terrible job, or taken money for something that then wasn't delivered. This was not good -- nor was the fact that I was already at capacity & couldn't take on more clients.

Penny In Your Pocket Kajabi Designer

BUT... over the last few years I've built up friendships with other service professionals that are reputable and do know Kajabi well. They've been around for awhile and aren't going to suddenly disappear!

Hence the Secret List was born.
This is a list of service professionals that I know and trust.

The people on this list have legitimate businesses that aren't side hustles. They are entrepreneurs like you and me and they love how Kajabi has changed our online businesses for the better.

I will issue a WARNING. None on this list are endorsed by Kajabi. They are all skilled in key areas of Kajabi and some in other platforms as well... they all have their own pricing structures and will not suit everyone's budget. They also all have their own unique personalities, preferred type of clients, and different methods of getting the job done. Not everyone will be a match to you and your needs.

At the end of the day it is still up to you to do your own DUE DILIGENCE and investigate each one to make sure they're a match for your project, type of business, and budget. All jobs run the risk of going pear-shaped if you don't find the right service provider to partner with.

It's a 2-way street -> reputable Service Providers don't want to take jobs on that they can't deliver on, be proud of, and promote on their own sites.

The Directory

Simply click on a card to open it up and learn more. And remember you can use the Sort by Tag tool to drill down by area of work!

A note on

Payment Options


All Service Providers will have their own method of charging for work. Some will be 100% upfront, some will be in instalments and some will be on completion of the job. There is no right or wrong... only what you are comfortable with.

What's my Criteria


+ Must be a nice person
+ Must have rave reviews, especially within the Kajabi FB Group
+ Must have been using Kajabi for over 12 months
+ Must have had contact with me in some capacity, whether through shared clients, emails or private messages
+ Must have examples of work that I've personally seen
+ Must be really good at what they specialize in


Are you a Kajabi Virtual Assistant who wants in on the List?

There's an exciting new Directory coming for this. But please note, it will have strict criteria and you will need to be certified through The Heart Centered Apprentice. In this way other Kajabian's can be ensured of extremely high levels of work quality.

If you're a VA, this will be the list you want to be on!




on working with Kajabi Service Providers...


Crystal Clear

Try to be as crystal clear on the needs of your project as you can. Ask the service provider if your tasks make sense to them and how they would go about achieving your requirements. Is there a timeframe, on your side and on theirs?

Does your project need to be done all at once, or can it be broken up into smaller components and done over a period of time?


Really do your homework first - before getting in touch with someone. Check out their websites, their social profiles, do they have a sense of humor, do they come across more conservative or corporate like?

Can you find reviews and examples of past work? Have others mentioned them in Facebook Groups? It helps to know a bit about them before reaching out.

Be Nice

Be nice. I'm sure I don't have to remind you of this.. but just in case... we're human too. And we can have super frustrating days just like you. The more open and honest you can be about your work and your goals for your business, the more it will help everyone get on the same page to help you achieve them.

If you have any concerns raise them early on....

And lastly....

No matter who you end up working with, all Kajabi Service Professionals want the same thing:

For you to be successful and fall in love with Kajabi like the rest of us!


Happy Kajabi-ing!