Flix Product Theme - New Update with Slider - YAY!

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Woohooo.... Flix has got some new features!!!

So when I created this Flix 'Momentum' Product theme, back in January of this year (2021)..... I had no idea it would fast become one of the favorites.

What started out as a "I wonder if we could make Kajabi do this?" project morphed into a very successful little experiment. 

And I'm happy to say, that thanks to all the awesome feedback from the many owners of this product... we've now upped it again!!

Although, this time...

I did have to seek some special coder help for one of the main elements... of which I'm grateful for 🙏. Coding can be a very lonely, and tedious, part of the 'software tinkering' journey for sure!!! So it's especially fun when you can collab with others and make something even better.

Let's go over what it can do....

Well aside from the original list (as per below), you can now choose to show categories and lessons in a Slider view -- and there's a couple of different options, one is a normal slider view and the other is called Cover Flow.  And we now have a favorites section where students and members can actually goto to find them.

And I've added a new look around Categories that are 'locked' or 'dripped'. It's more obvious and fits in nicely with the look of the theme. See below ⬇︎

Keep an eye out for this new update in the Store.... should be up by 9th June.

And of course, if you've got any questions.... throw them at me!


Let me know your thoughts on the above, feel free to leave a comment below.