Simple & beauty rolled into one

Introducing the Sunset Pro Product theme... 
Perfect for courses, memberships and resource areas.

KAJABI - Style it your way.

So... you've created a product
(Course, Membership, Mini Workshop)
in Kajabi - Awesome!

You've checked out the Premier theme, and you've tried on the Momentum theme.... but neither are making your Course or Membership shine. ๐Ÿ˜ข

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You like certain parts of each theme,

--> maybe you like having a header and menu at the top...
--> maybe you like having a course outline permanently running down the left hand side...

but there's also parts you don't like.

 --> Maybe you find the look of Momentum super boring,
--> or you find students get lost easy in the Premier theme,
--> Maybe you don't like being restricted with having to have a big image always on or always off!

Now what?

How about a cool Custom Theme?


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Create your own custom welcome page

Simply select a background image and upload, then put blocks of text, images, cards or videos directly above your Categories/Modules. You can choose to have 1 column or 2, and show or hide the modules.


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Shrink or Expand the menu

This is as easy as turning the Accordion on or off!

Set your own Background Image for the Welcome page

Or just set a plain color, the choice is yours.

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Color Choice Dream

Now you have even more control over where you want your brand and colors to appear!

Search Bar

Now more easily found, on every page, plus set your own colors.

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Better Styling

You now have more styling options for Blocks that you put on your home page. Inlcuding adding a border and choosing the width of the block.

Student Medals

Upload your own special medal to show on the modules or categories when they've been completed.

Kajabi Flix Product Theme Dashboard View of Favorites and Watch Next sections
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Give your students the chance to mark a lesson/video as a favorite and then find them on a favorites page to watch again and again.

Hide or Show

The choice is yours. Pick from various items to either show or not. Some items might not make sense for the type of content area you've created, so now you can set this up to suit.

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Kajabi Flix Product Template Favorites page

Video Styling

This section allows you to pick your own color for the play button, as well as show or hide the video controls.

Want to know what Sunset Pro looks like?

Check out the Video I made for you and come along on a walk-through. ⟩⟩




It's time to WOW your students & members with this classy looking Theme!

Want to know what the theme looks like and what makes it different to Kajabi's normal Momentum Theme?

Perfect. You're in the right spot.

Check out the Video I made for you which takes you on a walk-through.

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So why would you pay money for a custom theme? Why wouldn't you just use the normal Kajabi Momentum Product Theme?

In short.... Because if you're anything like me, and you value beautiful design as well as really well thought out functionality.... then the stock standard themes ain't going to cut it!

No offence Kajabi - we love you โค๏ธ, but sometimes a little bit of bling or an extra cool function can make you even better!!!  When we want to give our students and members an amazeballs experience....  it pays to get our hair blowdried, beard trimmed, nails painted, teeth whitened, and anything else we can do to look the polished experts we are....
(or maybe all it takes is just putting on some shiny new PJ's - you know... because we're all working from home these days!!! ๐Ÿคฃ)

What it really means is having a good-looking, well branded, and easy to use Members Portal --> enter custom product themes & templates.

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Single Payment

$197 usd

One time payment.
Yep your read that right... there's no monthly payment or ongoing licensing fees!

  • Custom Momentum Theme -ย  Simple, Clean and Beautifully laid out.ย 
  • Better navigation with logical left hand side menus - can be Accordion style or standard. Plus it has a header at the top.
  • You can choose your color scheme to match your branding
  • A beautiful welcome page
  • Categories are shown as cards, not rows.
  • Works for courses, memberships, or resource areas.
  • Hide course progress, turn off all comments, hide category description, mark as complete and more.
  • Super simple and clean look.
  • Increased number of categories on a page - upto 24 before pagination kicks in.
  • Comes with full instruction tutorials, along with my top tips on how to set it up!
  • Lifetime access.
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Still have questions about the theme?

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Penny Clements Kajabi Template Designer

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The Chit Chat Version: A mom, nature lover, entrepreneur [just like you]..., a computer geek, an avid learner, a creative, a master number (according to numerologists??? ๐Ÿค”), someone who loves to travel (when she's allowed to!!!) and someone who loves meeting people from all walks of life!!
The "As Professional As I Get" Version: Penny Clements has been designing, creating, selling and using Kajabi since 2015 and was an early adopter of the platform when it relaunched. Having worked with various big names in the online industry, and helping them move to Kajabi, she has well and truly earned her stripes and understands this program better than most. But she’s also a creative and software ‘tinkerer’ from way back -- it was inevitable she would power up her keyboard and take Kajabi to another level. 

Hence Kajabi Product Themes and Page Templates. ๐Ÿฅณ