Before we dive into pricing I just wanted to give you a quick rundown on Websites in Kajabi ...

💥A typical website on Kajabi is made up of various pages linked together through navigation (your menu).

It's extremely flexible and highly customisable to your needs. That being said not every website will be the same. You may only want a couple of pages to get you started (a great way to get your presence online whilst you work on the rest)... or you may want a lot of pages all created at once...

I get it.

Everyone's different, and so should your website be.

So I've created website packs around the pages you're most likely to need.



I view every page on your website as an opportunity to get your branding and your message out there, to attract the right kind of customers and ultimately more sales.

Each page is typically different in the role it plays for your business and for your readers...... 

There are different components that are needed on one page over another, different tools that will help get your message across, different tools to help automate the behind the scenes, different tools to guide your readers and help them become customers.... all of these take a different skill level to setup.

Which is why you only want to deal with an expert that knows how to make this happen.... 😃

Package Options

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(All prices in USD.)

NOTE: Whilst solutions don't include professional copywriting or sales copy - which definitely plays a huge part in getting leads and customers through your door!.... I'm more than happy to offer my opinions on your branding and messaging... 😉, fact, it's hard to get me not too 😲!


Website Do-Overs

❖ Who's this for?
Do you have a Wordpress site you want transferred? Or a website on another platform and you want to move it to Kajabi? Already have your Kajabi site up but it needs a bit of fancying up?  Want your online home to actually represent the Professional you are? Then it's time for a Do-Over.

❖ How Does a Do-Over Work?
It's essentially a brand new site... but we use existing elements and imagery from your old.

❖ What do I get?
Everything that would normally be included in one of the Website packages below.

❖ Timeline
> 10-14 days Turnaround

❖ How We Start
We'll have a 30 minute consult (using Zoom meetings) to review the game plan and address any questions you may have.

❖ What Happens then
After we've laid the foundation for your new and improved online home, it's time to get creative! We'll send over a draft for you to review and then finally it's time to put all the pieces together… The End Game > you end up with something that's unique to you and you're proud of.


I need a brand new website for my online home

❖ What's included? Comes with the following if needed:
Favicon and logo installation, header and footer navigation, social links and icons, stock graphics, mockup images, Kajabi SEO (page title & description - you provide the key phrases and we update your page with these). • Custom Domain Name Setup • Content Assessment (I'll assess your content to make sure it fits well within the context of the design and recommend any changes if needed). • 3 x Rounds of Revisions (if needed)

❖ What about Call To Actions and Popups?
We allow for 1 x CTA on the page. Can be a 2 step pop up box or an optin form. Includes setting up the required form, tags, auto responder emails and associated thank you page.

❖ Timeline
>> 12-16 Business Day Turnaround (this includes revision time)

❖ How We Start
We'll have a 30 minute consult (using Zoom meetings) to review the game plan and address any questions you may have.

❖ What Happens then
Now that we've laid the foundation for your new website it's time to start creating! We'll spend some time designing the first concept, all while keeping your vision and ideal client in mind, and then we'll send over a draft for you to review!  Finally, sit back and relax while we put all the pieces together…
🎉To Do, Ta Da.... you now have a fully functioning new home for your online business.

Pricing  - Prices start from approx $3600 and go up depending on how many pages are in the package, and the level of complexity with automations and customisations.

Note: All website packages include:
❖  Blog Setup, Library Setup, Login Setup, 404 Page setup


Do you have a question about Kajabi Websites, or working with me?

Then be sure to check out
the FAQ's page 👉HERE!



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