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Best for small ticket products.

Kajabi Sales Landing Page Template Example

Kajabi Landing Page Templates

Save yourself a stack of time and use a pre-made Kajabi template. All you need to do is fill in the missing text (which is already laid out for you in an easy to follow sales page template), change any colors or images and link up to your checkout page... and VOILA!

Your sales/landing page is good to go.

Note: this sales page is best for small ticket products that don't require really long sales pages with lots of 'nurturing'.

πŸ‘‰ Click HERE to see a DEMO version

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The Chit Chat Version: A mom, nature lover, entrepreneur [just like you]..., a computer geek, an avid learner, a creative, a master number (according to numerologists??? πŸ€”), someone who loves to travel (when she's allowed to!!!) and someone who loves meeting people from all walks of life!!
The "As Professional As I Get" Version: Penny Clements has been designing, creating, selling and using Kajabi since 2015 and was an early adopter of the platform when it relaunched. Having worked with various big names in the online industry, and helping them move to Kajabi, she has well and truly earned her stripes and understands this program better than most. But she’s also a creative and software ‘tinkerer’ from way back -- it was inevitable she would power up her keyboard and take Kajabi to another level. 

Hence Kajabi Product Themes and Page Templates. πŸ₯³