You'd Be Smiling Too If You'd Just Worked Out A Way To Do Your Accounts Without Lifting A Finger!

Learn how to automatically get your Kajabi Sales and Payments into Xero and save yourself, or your bookkeeper, a whole lot of time and stress.



How great is it to see a sale in Kajabi...? It's like over the moon doing happy dances and jumping on the spot all in one....
But... how do you get your customer and their invoice automatically entered as an individual sale in Xero. And what about matching it to the correct code and getting the tax right?


An invoice is nothing without the payment against it, right? But having to spend your time searching for invoices in your accounting package and then applying the payment... well that just takes all the fun out of it. Learn how to get your payments applied to the corresponding invoice - AUTOMATICALLY.

Merchant Fees

Hmmm and what about those pesky merchant fees?  How are you supposed to reconcile them without knowing what they are....and which sale they go against.   What a time waster this one is..... Well now you can have them go into Xero automatically - and know which fee applies to which sale!

Here's What You'll Learn

✦  How to get your Customer and their invoice from Kajabi into Xero
✦  How to automatically mark the invoice as sent and paid in Xero.
✦  How to filter out the transactions based on what Country your client is from. (Helps for tax purposes)

✦  How to automatically create a bill in Xero for the corresponding Stripe fee, and have the reference show the corresponding details. This makes it super easy to do your bank reconciliations...



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