⚠️ Do you use Kajabi for your Online Courses and want to be able to send your Students a Certificate - automatically... without using Accredible? ⚠️





YAY YOU! - You're In The Right Place!

This STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL helps you simplify and automate sending beautiful and professional certificates to your students.

Totally Automated

Sick of having to manually send out Certificates to your Students? This system is 100% hands off totally automated. 

Pass or Fail Triggers

Want to only send Certificates to those with a certain Pass Mark? Totally achievable with this system.... not so with Accredible.

More Affordable

80c + per Certificate through Accredible. OR...  just 2c per Certificate through this system.  Your choice.

You Own It

This is your system. Totally customised to your business and courses. And 100% replicable for all your courses & certificates.

Here's What You'll Learn

1. How to Automatically Send a Certificate, based on an Assessment Result

I'm going to walk you through this step by step so there's no confusion. You've managed to put together a whole course so this little add-on, whilst it uses some advanced concepts... should be a breeze for you. And don't worry if the tech stuff worries you because it will feel like I'm right there with you!

BONUS: Comes with 4 pre-made certificate designs ready for you to choose one and pop your own branding in it! And I give you the email templates and wording to use for the Autoresponder.

DOUBLE BONUS: You own this method, and you can use it over and over again.

2. Here's What You'll Need to Setup This Solution

  • A Kajabi Account
  • A Zapier (Paid) Account - note the Starter Plan is fine if you're sending out less than 600 certificates/month. If you're sending out more than that, then you'll need the Professional Plan. (Starter plan is $25USD/mth, Professional Plan is $50USD/mth)
  • A Gsuite Account - we'll be using Drive, Forms, Sheets and Slides.
  • An idea of what information you'd like to have shown on the Certificates. You may already have a Certificate you want to use as a template and that's great... if not there are 4 templates included for you

What Else Do You Need To Know About This Solution?

Is it only for use with Kajabi?

Yes. This solution has been designed just for Kajabi users. After working with many clients, across a varied collection of industries.... we've finally come up with a way to help you automate this whole procedure.

What info can you put on a Certificate?

The sky's the limit. No seriously... what info do you need? Are the certificates for accreditation? Do they need serial #'s, participant license #'s, the pass mark etc. Once you know how to do this, you can put any information you want on there,

Where do the PDF Certificates get stored?

Your Google Drive folder.  Which is great - that means if any student loses their certificate down the track, you have a copy of it...and best of all they're filed in a way that's easy for you to find them.  And once again - totally automated.

Is this hard to setup and manage?

This is an advanced tutorial with some advanced steps....but it's been designed so that you can follow the steps methodically and stop and start as often as you need. You can do this - PLUS you also have access to the PIYP Community to ask any questions.

"That was SO amazing....!",
don't just take my word for it.... hear what others have to say...

Penny!  That was SO amazing! The tutorials were easy to follow, I simply paused and completed each task in another tab.  This mini-course is a MUST for anyone who wants to take their course to another level of recognition.  I'll be using it for the various stages in my membership.  I feel fancy!!! 💃🎉 Your sales page looks great BTW!


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