Want an AUTOMATED AND FREE (yes you read that right!!!) system to send out Certificates of Completion - personalised and branded with your logo?

What about an easy way for Students to give you a Testimonial or Review?

This easy STEP BY STEP MINI COURSE helps you automate yet another part of your online 'Knowledge Commerce' business.

Because....let's face it, the less you have to do with the backend stuff - the more you can concentrate on your next marketing piece or building your next product! 

AND learning this little trick will save you having to sign up to a 3rd party app that charges you monthly to do the same thing!



Your course participant has been working through the night to finish your course.... and he/she has done it! They're elated - it's a big deal... wouldn't it be great to show them that you know this? 

That you get how hard they've worked, and that you know what they'll be able to go on and achieve with this amazing piece of knowledge....They need a GOLD STAR, some kind of RECOGNITION, they need a PERSONALISED CERTIFICATE signed by you!

But how can you save yourself the headache of having to do each one individually?  How can you automate this so that even when you're asleep....that Digital 'Pat On The Back' is landing in their inbox just minutes after they hit COMPLETED!

Well wonder no more my friends... we have the answer!




I'm going to walk you through this step by step so there's no confusion. You've managed to put together a whole course so this little add-on should be a breeze for you. And don't worry if the tech stuff worries you because it will feel like I'm right there with you!

BONUS: Comes with 5 pre-made certificate designs ready for you to choose one and pop your own branding in it!

DOUBLE BONUS: You own this method, there's no paying a 3rd party to send these out for you on a monthly basis.



You know that getting reviews are important, but it can seem like a hassle having to ask all the time. Well I've created a way that's a bit more engaging for your students...and the best bit, totally automated!  Step by Step, follow the dots to set this up - we make the complicated SIMPLE!

>> You get the already designed forms, emails and pages with copy ready to go!







All of our mini courses are expertly designed to maximize your learning in less than a couple of hours a day.  Your time is precious and as an entrepreneur, well you just want to get it done now... thank goodness for 24/7 hour access! 


Oh come on - who doesn't like a shortcut!!! Where needed we put all the juicy bits into a concise easy to follow print out. Plus you get to watch some really short and to the point videos that show you exactly what to do.

Got QUESTIONS? Well we've got answers...

  • Why would I need to give my Students a Certificate?
  • Because all human beings need and want praise, recognition, and acceptance.  Praise makes us feel admired and we want recognition to satisfy our need for personal worth.  It's just a natural thing that we all want that Gold Star to say we've achieved a goal. 

  • Does this system only work with Kajabi?
  • YES, It's been specifically created with a complete set of step by step, in order, instructions just for New Kajabi.

  • What Do You Mean by It's Almost Free?
  • Well, you won't need to put on any extra paid monthly services to get this up and running. ie if you're already using Google Drive and you've got a paid Kajabi account.... then technically it's not going to cost you anything more!

  • Why is it so important to get Customer Reviews?
  • Because reviews now determine how people perceive a business, whether or not they would buy from it, even it's visibility in search engines.

    Online customer reviews are arguably the greatest influence in attracting and retaining customers for any business today!

  • Why can't I just have testimonials on my website?
  • Well you can, but the most influential method of advertising to your prospective customers is now through social proof. In other words, it's no good just having reviews on your website or course landing page anymore - people are nosy parkers and want to check you out... the first place they go these days is either Google or Facebook. 

    Which is why you need to have reviews about you, your business or course where people are hanging out - and not just where you direct them to from an ad.

  • If I get stuck - can I get help?
  • I have tried to make this as simple as I possibly can, but we all learn and think differently and that's ok.... so if you find there's a hiccup here or there please feel free to send an email - you'll find my contact details inside the course for your convenience.... or you can use the Comments area at end of each step!

  • Do You Offer Refunds?
  • No. As you can imagine (well - you'd already know this yourself being a course creator), alot of work goes into producing tutorials and courses.  And because of the instant nature of access to online courses (meaning you have the ability to use the information immediately), no refunds apply.  That being said if you do get stuck putting any of this tutorial together, please reach out.

  • Are there ongoing costs?
  • NO. This is not a subscription program, and nor are any of the Chrome plugins that we suggest you use.

    ⚡️Although that being said, if you intend on sending out more than 20 certificates a day, then you will need to purchase the plugin for a small one time fee of $29 (from the developer).  This then gives you the ability to send out unlimited certificates.

What Others Have to Say:


Hi Penny - that’s great! Very neat. I just set up a test form, created a post and sent myself a certificate 🙂 I need to design my certificate etc before I use it for real but very easy to follow. Excellent! Very easy to follow. And very useful.

Penny! That was SO amazing! The tutorials were easy to follow, I simply paused and completed each task in another tab. This mini-course is a MUST for anyone who wants to take their course to another level of recognition. I'll be using it for the various stages in my membership. I feel fancy!!! 💃🎉 Your sales page looks great BTW!

Learning how to add this one extra thing into my courses had a really positive effect on the guys that finished them. Once again Penny has saved me a stack of time!

Thanks so much, Penny!
I'm so thankful for your program - it has been enormously helpful to me!

Stefanie Kessen

The Online Itinerant

Stefanie Kessen

The Online Itinerant

I have to say, I really do like your videos. They are super easy to follow and I am hoping that our course is getting the same feedback.

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